Chicken Croquettes


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Everyone loves croquettes, including those who don’t even know it yet. These fried food rolls are available at every corner and center of Spain, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with their deliciousness.

Unlike the usual croquettes made using potatoes, Spanish croquettes contains none. Instead of potatoes, the filling is made using béchamel sauce, Deliciously crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

They are large size croquettes and very filling, perfect for tapas!



(Price per croquette)

Allergen information: contains wheat, milk


The word croquette comes from the French word “croquer”, which means “to crunch” in English.During the 18th century, croquette was usually spelled as croquet.The croquette’s origin can be traced back to France. However, the creation story cannot be verified. Some say we have the cook of Louis XIV to thank for. He is said to have written a recipe for Croquettes in 1691.

One account says that in 1817, French chef Antonin Carême was the first one to serve the dish at a royal banquet.Here is another story: In 1898, Monsieur Escoffier and Monsieur Philias Gilbert created a recipe that would be the first classic croquette recipe. The history of croquettes will then become very diverse, as chefs who worked with Monsieur Escoffier and Monsieur Philias Gilbert traveled to different parts of the globe and fusioned the croquette with local flavors.

Historically, croquettes were said to have been originated during a time of famine. Flour was abundant during that time, and people were seeking to make use of leftover meats.


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