Pork & Beef Meatballs in Spanish Sauce


These are definitely the most delicious Spanish pork and beef meatballs out there. Very soft inside, with a touch of curry and cumin seeds, all cooked in a rich Brandy onion sauce. It’s an explosion of sabooooor!

It can be accompanied with fries as a side, with pasta, rice, or naked, as a tapa or main.
It is served a portion of 6 large meatballs naked.

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Allergy Information: Contains Wheat, Egg, Milk.


The Arabs taught the Europeans to prepare this meatball stew.
Spanish sauce (also called brown sauce or dark sauce) is one of the mother sauces of Spanish cuisine also known as Castilian sauce, is a type of veloute sauce, that is, it has an oil and flour base known as roux. It is like the base of the bechamel, but bound with a meat broth instead of milk. The meatballs will be cooked on this base, and the result will be a spectacular recipe.

Its origin dates back to the beginning of our times, being mentioned by Marco Gavio Apicio, who was the first gourmet in history, and who witnessed how in Imperial Rome something very similar to meatballs in sauce was already cooked.

In Spain, in the region of Al-Andalus, around the 12th century, a kind of meatballs (al-banadiq) began to be made, which were made up of ground meat, to which eggs were added, to later mold them and cook them in water. With salt.

In its origins it was a practically exclusive food of the upper classes, but later it would become an appreciated dish of use, which rescued above all those leftovers from the stews or stews of yesteryear.


for 6, Serves 2


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