Paella of Chicken Wings, Chorizo & Chickpeas (GF)


(£24.94, two portions)

This is a unique paella out of the ordinary  infused in a rich homemade spinach stock and alioli! It is cooked all together with a special type of chorizo called Chistorra, chicken wings and chickpeas!

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Allergens information: contains egg

All my paellas are cooked with the unique Spanish smoked paprika “pimentón de La Vera” from -La Vera- Extremadura, plus premium Spanish saffron from -La Mancha- considered the best in the world, Spanish extra virgin Olive oil, and of course, rice from Valencia.

Rice sticking to the bottom of the pan is not something you want to avoid, since it helps foster one of the most succulent and seductive aspects of paella, we called socarrat ( the toasted and caramelised bottom layer of rice).



Paella for 2, Paella for 4


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