Spicy Chorizo in Cider (GF)


Chorizo a la sidra, or chorizo sausage in cider, is one of the most traditional tapas.

Sliced chorizo is simmered in the lovely sweet apple notes of the cider. It’s perfect as part of a tapas spread or on its own with some crusty bread. This is authentic Spanish chorizo and it is slightly spicy. It is served with lovely crunchy breadsticks called -piquitos.


Allergen information: None

Spanish chorizo sausage is tasty by itself but is used as an ingredient in many Spanish tapas, as well as a variety of dishes from stews to omelettes. Fresh or uncured Spanish chorizo is needed for this particular recipe. The other main ingredient is sidra―or “hard” apple cider―typical of the region of Asturias, Spain, and is slightly fizzy and low in alcohol. It is a popular drink all over the country, especially in the summer months when a cold, refreshing glass of cider is welcome. However, warm chorizo a la sidra is served year-round.

Although you will find Spanish chorizo with cider all over Spain, it is most common in the north, in these cider-producing areas of Spain.


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