Tortilla de Patatas / Potato Omelette (GF,VE)


It’s impossible to talk about Spanish cuisine without thinking about one of its most famous plates: the tortilla de patatas, an omelette with potatoes, onions and sometimes more ingredients.
Whether you tasted it in Spain and loved it, or you never tasted it but you cannot keep waiting because you want to eat.
It is often served at room temperature as a tapa.
(onions are optional just leave a note at the checkout with your preference)

Portion served: whole tortilla (20cm diameter, serve 4 people as a starter, or up to 8 people as a tapa portion)

Allergy Information: Contains Eggs.

There is quite a bit of controversy with this dish in Spain because some chefs believe that the authentic potato omelette should not have onion at all, while there are others who believe that the onion gives it a magnificent sweet touch. Anyway, you decide how you like it best! You can order it with or without onion.

It is perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. On its own, with sauce, or my favourite -in a crispy baguette sandwich- with rubbed tomato on the bread, olive oil and a pinch of salt.


The tortilla de patatas was born in the XIXth century. It was then a plate mainly prepared by poor people, who could not buy many eggs and vegetables, very expensive in the town, so they added potatoes to their omelette in order to make a more substantial and affordable food. By the way, it’s then the first usage of this tuber, arrived from Latin America in the XVIth century. Ever since, the tortilla de patatas became, not only a symbol of the Spanish gastronomy, but a symbol of the Spanish way of life because it’s a plate prepared to be shared!

The potato was not known in Europe until the first Spanish conquerors brought it from America.

As with the birth of so many other dishes, the clues to the first potato omelette are diluted between legends, old recipe books and history books.


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