Astorga Puff Pastries (VE)


Pack of 6

These golden artisan Spanish pastry squares have the excellent combination of sweet honey, crunchy puff layer and tartness of lemon, and they are often served for breakfast or as an afternoon snack eaten alongside tea or coffee.

What better than these mouth-watering baked sugary buttered puff pastries? Absolutely addictive dessert!


(pack of 6)

Allergen information: Eggs, wheat

Hojaldres de Astorga (Astorga puff pastries) also called “Mielitos”, is a traditional Spanish pastry originating from the town of Astorga, hence the name. They are one of the most traditional sweets in Spain. They emerged around the 19th century as a convent recipe, soon became popular and have remained in consumption up to the present day.


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