Turron – Spanish Nougat


What is Turron? (or turrón as it is correctly spelt in Spanish) is Spanish nougat and comes in various forms. It is an essential sweet during Christmas time that can not be missing in any table.

You’ll find here the most popular flavours that Spaniards love to eat in this festive period in a treat box. Minimum 6 flavours per box for £3 each portion, you choose how many and which flavours!

1. Coconut (VE, GF): contains milk 

2. Milk Chocolate “El Lobo” (VE,GF): contains milk

This is a hard and crispy turrón made with milk chocolate and rice cereals. The kids favourite!.

3. Jijona (VE, GF):  contains egg and nuts

This is one of the two more popular turrón that all people love. It is made with Spanish Marcona almonds and honey. The toasted almonds made a very nice smokey flavour. This is a soft and a bit sticky turrón. Just delicious.

4. Yema Tostada – Toast Yolk (VE, GF): contains egg.

This is a lovely sweet turrón made with egg yolks, ground Spanish Marcona almonds and brown caramelised sugar on top. Very soft and tender.

5. Nata y Nueces – Cream and Walnuts (VE, GF): contains milk and nuts.

All people love this turrón for a good reason! It is made with walnuts and condensed milk. Soft, tender and crispy!

6. White Chocolate (V, GF): contains nuts

Another kids favourite! It is stuffed with cranberries and pistachios. This is a hard and crispy turrón that you’ll be not able to stop eating!



Coconut, Jijona, Milk Chocolate, Nata y Nueces, White Chocolate, Yema Tostada


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